[2021–2022 m. NBA atkrintamosios varžybos, 5 rungtynės, 2022 m. gegužės 11 d.] Dalaso „Mavericks“ – Finikso „Suns“

„Mavericks“ ir „Phoenix Suns“ NBA atkrintamosios varžybos, 2021–2022 m. (5 rungtynės)

Dallas Mavericks


Phoenix Suns 

Venue: Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Prediction: Phoenix Suns
Bookmaker: 1xbet 

The Dallas Mavericks will head to Phoenix on Monday night for a matchup with the Suns in Game 5 of the Western Conference Playoffs. The home teams have won all four games so far in this series and things are now knotted up at two wins apiece.

Dallas came into this series as big underdogs, even though they controlled their first series against the Utah Jazz. The Mavericks were blown out twice in Phoenix to begin the series, but they now have some momentum.

The Dallas Mavericks simply don’t have the talent or ability to beat the Suns in a shootout, and they’re going to have to continue leaning on their defense. Dallas frustrated the Suns in the two most recent games, and they’ve found a way to guard the arc.

Luka Doncic had 26 points and 11 assists in the Game 4 win on Sunday night, and his play is good enough to push this team to a win on the road. Dallas has been able to be the more physical team in this series, and that’ll have to continue in Game 5.

The Phoenix Suns were one of the best offensive teams in the NBA during the regular season, and they looked the part to begin this series as well. Phoenix scored at least 121 points in Games 1 or 2, but they averaged just 97.5 points per game in the games in Dallas.

Devin Booker poured in 35 points in the Game 4 loss on Sunday, and the Mavericks don’t really have anyone that can slow him down on that end. Chris Paul will be looking to bounce back on Tuesday night after struggling in both of the losses in this series.

The defense for the Suns has actually been solid as they gave up just 107 points per game in the losses in Dallas. Phoenix has struggled to defend the three-point line and they’re now going to have to slow down a team that’s playing with a ton of confidence.

The Mavericks were really able to dominate each of the two games in Dallas, but things will now change as this game will be played in Phoenix. The Suns are a tough team to deal with regardless, but they seem to turn things up a notch at home.

Team Comparison
Dallas 52 30 .634 29-12 23-18 16-14 36-16 14-2 108.0 104.7 Won 4
Phoenix 64 18 .780 32-9 32-9 25-5 39-13 10-6 114.8 107.4 Lost 1


Offensive Stats                
Dallas 108.0 43.0 23.4 6.73 3.96 46.15 77.11 35.03
Phoenix 114.8 45.3 27.4 8.56 4.38 48.46 79.69 36.35


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