Nextbet Korea Bonus 2022

Nextbet a arising sportsbook and casino in Asia. Because of its competitiveness they are also known in other countries around the world. They are good to cater Korean players, just deposit 20,000 won to your Sportsbook Wallet to get 25% up to 600,000 won bonus. To get the bonus, read the promo codes below and follow the simple steps.

How to use Promotion code​

This promotion is only offered to newly korean signing up to Nextbet. Hit the jackpot with a 25% first deposit bonus! How to get the bonus?

1. You must be deposited at least KRW 20,000 to receive this promotion.
2. after deposited the amount you can receive a bonus up to 25% 600,000 won just once.
3. contact customer support via live chat or send an email at krsupport@nextbet.com to request the bonus. 

Once its confirmed you can receive the exclusive bonus on the same day.

Is online gambling legal in Korea?

South Korea is one of the most advanced technologies in East Asia -second in Japan; online gambling in this country is illegal and has been targeted by their government to a crackdown. Historically, when America was in control of Korea, gambling was gradually becoming part of their lifestyle. They enjoyed native board games and sports such as janggi and ssireum. But when the new government has come, they became strict with gambling legislation – betting has been banned domestically and even at casinos 

outside the boundaries. Although it is prohibited for Korean players to make a bet, it is hard to them to stop because it is part of their hobbies and making profits, so they are betting on foreign bookmakers using VPN to hide their identity. DafaBet is one of the best-known bookmakers by Korean gamblers, as it has a Korean language and accepts Korean Won currency.

Nextbet Deposit Won(KRW)


When opening an account, you should be aware of which currency to use as it will affect your entire transaction. So when you register you select your preferred currency, it will not be changed once you have chosen it. The chosen currency will use for deposits, withdrawals, and betting.

In Nextbet you can use the Korean Won currency if you are from Korea, but depending on you, you can also use Euro or US dollar. But we suggest that it is best to use the $US Dollar even if you are a Korea resident. Because an account using the US dollar has advantages.

Skrill and Neteller are the best way to fund your Nextbet account. With this e-wallet, you can bet big on Nextbet. It is safe and reliable. No additional cost They can also hide the nature of the transaction so that your government does not know how much you have won. So you will not have a tax problem Especially in the country that has the law where online gambling is prohibited, or winnings should declare.

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