1xbet options and meaning

1xbet options and meaning

This is a numerical value set by the bookmaker, which, in BC’s opinion, determines the possibility of winning for a given bet. Citations are assigned based on most sports factors: team statistics, comparison of athlete skills, injuries, importance of winning, player motivation and more.


1xbet odds options and meaning

Before placing a bet on a selected multiplier, beginners are advised to study what the special terms in the betting menu mean:

  • The final odds

are all the multipliers in the betting slip, where dozens and hundreds of games can be collected. IR is calculated by multiplying the probabilities of the events. The higher the final odds, are the higher the risk of losing the bet and the lower the maximum allowable express bet;

  • The bet amount

(USD) is money in dollars, which is a bet. The amount is determined by the user, from 0.3 USD;

  • Maximum bet

the size of the most highest amount that can be bet on 1xbet;

  • Balance (USD)

game account balance in dollars. You can find out your balance by logging into your personal locker;

  • Automaximum

fast, one-click betting, where the player places the entire amount from his game account;

  • Potential winnings

the amount of potential winnings for the selected bet with the current multiplier;

  • Available advance

the amount offered by the 1xbet bookmaker as a loan to the active player. The amount of a trust bet depends on the previous uncalculated bets;

  • When the odds change

a special feature that automatically places money when the quotes increase/decrease compared to the previously indicated outcome of the sports match.


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