The first thing you need to know is that betting on 1xBet is not much different than betting on other sites. You choose an event, place the odds and agree on the type of bet. Below are the steps.

  • Select a sport and an event
  • Choose the odds
  • Choose the type of bet
  • Make a bet
  • Confirm details of your bet
  • Deposit a bet!

Betting Rules

  • You can bet on up to 10 events in one accumulator
  • If the first event is correct, your bet on the following event will be multiplied by the odds displayed when you accept it
  • If one of these events is incorrect, bets within the system will not take place
  • In a chain, if none of the events are correct, your stake will not be returned
  • Also, you can place up to 3 accumulators in a game.

To improve your betting skills and increase your chances of winning, use accumulators and try to predict the outcome correctly.

Accumulator betting is very simple. You predict that all selected events will occur. If this happens, the bet will be deemed correct. If not, your shares remain unclaimed.

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Best Highest odds betting site in the World 2022
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