Is 1x means Winning of a host or a draw?

A bet that means that the hosts of the field, even if they are not stronger than the visitors in a meeting, will not lose. This is a safer version of the home win the bet, in which even a draw is considered a positive result. In this case, however, the multiplier exposed by the bookmakers is significantly lower than the net win.


With the 1x bet, you can bet on two possible options at the same time. It is also called a double outcome bet. If it goes with 1x, it means that every result leads to the victory of that team. Because either the best player wins or that match is a draw. In both cases, that team wins the victory. According to bookmakers, this is the best chance for the player to win. Player 1 never loses in this bet.


1xbet and Football example:

This is a very famous football bet, one can bet on three possible outcomes of a football match, such as a draw, home win, or away win. Since it is a double bet, a person can bet on two of the three possible options given. Mainly three results of the game are shown by 1, 2 and X. One option is the home win or an away win, (12) the second is a home win or a draw(1X) and the third is an away win or a draw (2X).

1=home win.

2=away win.


“1X” means the first team (athlete, host) wins or draws.


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