how chain” bet works in

A “chain” bet is a combination of “single” bets on separate events. The customer chooses the order and units of bets to be included in the chain. Unit shares are placed on the first option as a single. If this yields a return, the unit stake is deducted from the bonus and placed in the second pick, and so on, until the chain is complete or all funds are lost. If at any stage the wager does not have enough funds to cover the unit wager, wager the total remaining balance and proceed.

For example

Odds Outcome

1 event $3      2 Win

2 event           1.5 Win

3 event           2 Lose

4 event           3 Win

5 event           1.5 Lose

As a result of the first event, about $6 was generated, of which about $3 was transferred to the next event as a sum of stakes. And $3 was transferred to the “chain account”. About $4.50 is generated from the second winning event, about $3 is transferred from it as a wager on the next event, and the remaining about $1.50 is transferred to the “chain account” for a total of about $4.50. Since the third event was lost, the fourth event debited about $3 from the chain account, leaving only about $1.50 in the account. Winning the 4th event yields $9, $3 of this amount is transferred as the wagering amount for the 5th event, $6 is added to the “chain account”, and the sum of the chain account becomes $7.50. The fifth event is lost; this means that the reward for this chain is about $7.50, the same amount as in the “chain account”.

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