1xbet Football Rules

Even though 1xbet’s football betting guidelines are extensive, new players only need to be familiar with a few basic ones to start betting. The main guidelines for 1xbet’s football betting are as follows:


The bookmaker will take bets throughout the regular play (60 minutes, divided into four 15-minute quarters), including overtime (indicated by the phrase “Including Overtime”). 


All bets from the unfinished game will settle at odds of 1. For bets to stand, there must be at least 55 minutes of play. All bets will be resolved according to the scores when the game. If two or more quarters have the same highest (lowest) scoring, there are no returned stakes. It is challenging to determine which quarter had the highest score if two or more ended with the same score. The odds used to settle wagers on those quarters are 1. Bet will be deemed a loss at any additional quarter. We will utilize wagers to the odds of one because the most crucial portion of the score is the same after both halves. W1 and W2 bets will be paid at odds of 1, while betting on the total and handicap markets will be resolved following the game’s result (with funds returned).


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